for cure and preservation of health
And if we don't know what aliens look like, what this pill looks like is well known.
To see it, you just need to move away from the cave ideas about the treatment of the twentieth century, and look at what the twenty-first century medical luminaries speak to you in plain text.
But here's the PROBLEM... taking care of your own health is a real job that we should be able to do. Moreover, such work requires a lot of time, willpower, involves the presence of certain opportunities and serious money.
Let's imagine how this simple recommendation can be implemented to effectively maintain our health at an excellent level. Tell me: in which of these six pictures you quite normally see yourself engaged in several times a week swimming, or riding, or group classes on special techniques, or surfing? Are you ready to constantly go to the masseur and the gym?

But if you click
on the centre of this sports composition,
you will see an effective solution to this problem
That's it... Dream and forget
But it turns out not so bad.
In the center of this sports composition,
you see nothing else but
an effective solution to this problem
Yes, it is this… At first glance it is not clear what kind of unit allows you to swim crawl and breaststroke, let your horse gallop and balance on the surf without leaving the place. In the truest sense of the word.
Maybe you do not know, but when talking about the need for movement, doctors have in mind not only the movement of your body on foot or running. It's good to garnish. But basically the movement should be aimed at solving another, more important task – pumping your spine. Imagine the muscles involved have a swimmer, a rider, a person who slips on a board on a wave. Of course, none of them think about it, but these people at any age feel better than others.
Because they're all working on their spine. Namely, problems with the spine and are the source of almost all other health problems that make you run to the doctors.

This is a very simple design, one surface of which lies on the chair, and the second, swinging, you sit. At the first moment it seems that you must be crazy, not just to perch on it, but still somehow try to sit on it.
However, statistics show the following.

After a couple of days, your body gets used to catch the balance itself on this simulator, and the head begins to turn off from this process.
Three weeks from now, you don't understand how you've managed without it before. You're starting to get high.
Two months later, when you start to feel real changes in your health, you put the whole family on this simulator.

And if you do not hammer the children's head talking about the usefulness of this simulator for their health, and come up with something more fun (something like "cowboy saddle" for training shooting at a gallop with both hands), and even appoint a coach for racing over all households, you can safely reduce the cost of medicines on a family scale!

The cost of this "pill" is only
Shipping included
And some shots from real life
Research Institute of hygiene and health of children conducted an experiment in Moscow and Sochi on the possibility of using the simulator in the educational process.
In Moscow, students of the third grade gladly adapted to the new situation and quickly entered the educational channel.
In Sochi gymnasium at the beginning of the experiment in the group was 82% of children with posture. A year later, 43% of them got rid of stoop and 30% of scoliosis!
It will be just a healthy generation!
To summarize, we can say this.
After buying a computer, the owner usually installs on it a certain set of the most necessary programs, which are called MUST HAVE. That is, the program, which must be mandatory.

So the simulator "Dr. Cypress" also belongs to the category of MUST HAVE. That is, refers to things that must be in the house necessarily.

I want to get this simulator.
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